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Many teachers maintain web pages with lists of resources they've found useful and want to share with other teachers.  We are privileged to be included on many of those lists.  Please feel free to link to us on your own web page if you are so inclined.

It's easy to add a link to your web page.  Below are several examples of link icons, and the HTML code you need to add that link to your web page.  All you have to do is highlight the complete HTML code for the one you like, and copy it to your clipboard using command-C [on a Mac] or control-C [on a PC].  Then paste it into the HTML code for your web page using command-V or control-V.

If you do link to us, please drop a quick note to so we can let you know when we make changes that might require a corresponding update at your end.

Thank you!  Your fellow teachers also thank you!

Example 1: Text Only:

For Reading Recovery and early literacy materials,
visit ABCstuff at
Resources for Reading

use this HTML code: 

    <!--begin link to Resources for Reading -->
    <B>For <A HREF="">
    Reading Recovery</A> and
    <A HREF="">early literacy</A> materials,<br>visit <A HREF="">ABCstuff</A> at
    <A HREF="">
    Resources for Reading</A></B>
    <!--end link to Resources for Reading -->

Example 2: Our Familiar Logo: Resources for Reading

use this HTML code:

    <!--begin link to Resources for Reading -->
    <A HREF=""><IMG SRC="" WIDTH="216" HEIGHT="102" BORDER="0" ALT=" Resources for Reading"></A>
    <!--end link to Resources for Reading -->


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