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Resources for Reading Discount Policy

Our published prices already reflect the discount for educators. Everyone automatically gets the discount, without having to ask! We're sure you agree this is a better way to do business. No games, no nonsense.

We think it's silly the way some places have artificially high prices just so they can give discounts to schools and teachers and bring the prices back down to where they should have been in the first place. That's just plain misleading.

What good is a "discount" from somewhere else if their supposedly discounted price ends up being the same, or even higher, than our regular no-fuss everyday discount price?

Even so, there are 2 ways to get extra discounts on orders from us:

  • Order multiple full-case quantities of an item (6 or more cases for most items)
  • Large heavy orders which can be shipped by truck on pallets for "tailgate delivery"

Here's how it works:

If you order multiple whole cases of a single item (minimum quantities apply), we can offer an additional 5-15% off the regular catalog price of that item, depending on the item. Since our regular price is already discounted for most items, that means you can get an extra discount off the discount!

It's simple: if all we have to do is put a shipping label on the box, and not handle and repack each item, we can give you at least 5%, and up to 15% off in addition to our regular discount. The actual discount and the number of items per case vary by item, of course. Some items come 12 to a case, some have 216 per case, it all depends on the item. Contact us for specific information on your order.

If your order is big enough and heavy enough, it may make sense to send it by truck on pallets, as what is called a "Tailgate Delivery". This method of shipping can be less expensive and safer than UPS for large orders, especially easels. We will be able to give significant discounts on the shipping charges on orders shipped by truck.

However, the delivery location must be prepared to unload palletized cargo from the back of the truck -- the driver does not unload the shipment. That usually means you need to have a forklift available. Larger school district warehouse receiving departments usually can handle this, but individual schools and residences almost never can. Check with your delivery address to make sure they can handle it before you request truck delivery. Once you know they can handle it, please contact us for specific information about truck shipping charges for your order. "Inside Delivery" is not available for truck shipments, so no shipping discount is available if you require "Inside Delivery."


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