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BC006 BC006 Smart Cover II 5 Pk 5-1/2"x8"
Smart Cover II Book Covers! Turn thin paperback books into hardcovers in seconds. Crystal clear, heavy duty 15 mil polyester cover panels with flexible 2 mil spine. Easy to apply and adjust to any book ...
Special Price Today Only!
WC073 WC073 Verb Cards
Word Cards: set of 30 white cards 2-1/2" by 3-1/2". Verbs in green print.
Special Price Today Only!
LH006 LH006 Wooden Letter Tile Holder
Flat wooden tray 15" x 2" holds up to 14 LC003 letter tiles, or your own printed letter cards. Slot is angled to hold tiles or cards at a slant for easy reading.
Special Price Today Only!
LB049 LB049 Clear Plexiglass Dry Erase Board
Clear plexiglass wipeoff board can be placed over any template for Trace and Erase. 8-1/2" x 11", includes one dryerase marker and self-adhesive mounting tabs.
Special Price Today Only!
MV436 MV436 Picture Words Photo Dominoes Game
These classroom tough dominoes are specially coated for durability. Each set includes 72 dominoes and a teaching guide.
Special Price Today Only!
BC004 BC004 Book Cards, library ruled, pack of 1000
Save with this economy pack of 1000 cards! Library ruled book cards make it easy to keep track of books borrowed by students. Blue 3" x 5" index cards have boxes for borrower's name and date, ...
Special Price Today Only!
MV376 MV376 Emotion Cubes
Help students learn to recognise and discuss different emotions with these 4 foam cubes featuring real life photos of children. Two cubes include 6 photos each of multi cultural faces expressing different ...
Special Price Today Only!
WC040 WC040 Word Families Pocket Chart Card Set
Word Families pocket chart card set has 25 double-sided word family cards, 25 double-sided picture & word cards, 75 double-sided word cards, a blank card for write-on/wipe-off marker to add new words ...
Special Price Today Only!
HT015 HT015 Bold Fluorescent Removable Highlighter Tape, 1/2" x 720"
Highlighter Tape in 6 bright new Bold Fluorescent Colors! Highlighter Tape lets you temporarily highlight a sentence, a word, or even just part of a word in your book. This amazingly useful transparent ...
Special Price Today Only!
ML134 ML134 D'Nealian Magnetic Blends and Digraphs
Made to match our popular ML087 and ML097 D'Nealian Magnetic Letter sets. The Magnetic Blends and Digraphs set is color coded to indicate initial blends, initial digraphs, final blends and final digraphs. ...
Special Price Today Only!
MV304 MV304 Fold-Up Flash Cards: Word Families
Innovative flash cards fold over design help students learn multiple related words based on the same word family. Each set contains 25 durable cards measuring approx 3" x 10" suitable for class ...
Special Price Today Only!
MV328 MV328 24 Opposites Photo Puzzles
Reinforce vocabulary with hands-on activities to challenge yound minds. Format adapts to abilities and features with interlocking pieces with photos for easy recognition and retention. 24 puzzles, 48 pieces ...
Special Price Today Only!
BK182 BK182 My Alphabet Wipe-Off Activity Book
Reusable colorful Wipe-Off surfaces make it easy to practice again and again. Books feature engaging characters and game like activities. Use wipeoff crayons or markers. 16-page book measures 8-1/2" ...
Special Price Today Only!
MV225 MV225 Phonics Flash Cards
Each deck contains 56 durable two-sided cards, 3-1/8" x 5-1/4". All feature photos of actual objects and flip to the word on the back. Economical, easy quick sorting with a rounded corner.
Special Price Today Only!
MK023 MK023 Dri-Mark Water-Based Permanent Markers, box of 12
Fine-point water-based permanent markers write on virtually any surface including paper, plastic, metal, glass, wood and leather. The brilliant colors are waterproof after drying. Perfect for all sorts ...
Special Price Today Only!
ML048 ML048 Multicolor 1-1/2" Magnetic Letters in Tub, Lower Case
These molded plastic magnetic letters measure 1-1/2" high, and have correct letter formation and proportion. Most letters have two or more magnets so they hold to your magnetic board more securely. ...
Special Price Today Only!
ML104 ML104 Multicolor 2-1/2" Magnetic Letters in Tub, Upper Case
These molded plastic magnetic letters measure 2-1/2" high, and have correct letter formation and proportion. Most letters have two or more magnets so they hold to your magnetic board more securely. ...
Special Price Today Only!
HT011 HT011 Removable Highlighter Tape, 1/2", 6 colors
Highlighter Tape lets you temporarily highlight a sentence, a word, or even just part of a word in your book. This amazingly useful transparent tape is like using a fluorescent highlighting pen, but ...
Special Price Today Only!
MC003 MC003 Tabletop Magnetic Markerboard Easel
This compact tabletop easel features a magnetic dry-erase white markerboard on both sides, and a handy storage tray at the bottom. Lightweight and inexpensive, great for use where space is limited. The ...
Special Price Today Only!
ABC17 ABC17 Linkaword Triangles Endings Game
Heavy duty plastic triangular dominoes offer a challenging word building game that reinforces the recognition of common word beginnings or endings. Set contains 24 triangular tiles featuring the beginnings ...
Special Price Today Only!
BB012 BB012 Magazine Book Box, set of 20 w/labels
Easy to assemble 4"w x 12"h x 10"d cardboard storage boxes for storing books by levels, with numbered labels 1-20. This set has 1 box for each level in the RR program; use extra boxes for ...
Special Price Today Only!
BK124 BK124 Literacy at the Crossroads
Literacy at the Crossroads: Crucial Talk about Reading, Writing, and Other Teaching Dilemmas. This book by Regie Routman takes a hard look at problem with schools in America, and helps teachers understand ...
Special Price Today Only!
GL004 GL004 Glue Stick, tinted-dries-clear, .28oz
All our glue sticks are AP-certified non-toxic, conforming to ASTM D-4236. GL004 is permanent glue, goes on tinted so you can see where you've applied it, then turns clear. See items GL002 and GL003 ...
Special Price Today Only!
LB014 LB014 Lap Chalk Boards 9"x12", Set Of 10
Laptop sized non-magnetic chalkboard, small enough for a child to hold and is good for writing individual words. Green chalkboard measures 9" x 12". Inexpensive, stores compactly, with smooth ...
Special Price Today Only!
ML002 ML002 Magnetic Letters, 36 Lower Case
Magnetic alphabet letters in assorted colors. These lower-case injection-molded plastic magnetic letters are 1" high with ascenders and descenders, and have smooth surfaces. The "t"and ...
Special Price Today Only!
MV032 MV032 Hex-a-Word
A unique compound word and spelling game for up to 4 students. The plastic hexagonal puzzle pieces are joined domino style to form compound words for points. 30 playing pieces and complete instructions ...
Special Price Today Only!
NT001 NT001 Removable Note Tape, 1-7/8" w/Dispenser
Note Tape is wide fluorescent-colored highlighter tape with removable adhesive. It's great for highlighting passages or whole paragraphs in your books, and is especially good for use with large-print ...
Special Price Today Only!


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